PRAVANA's best-selling, two-phase multi-use hydrating mist is a lightweight leave-in that can detangle, add much-needed moisture, build strength and more. It's ideal for all hair types.



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    1. Instantly detangles 

    2. Provides deep hydration 

    3. Equalizes hair porosity 

    4. Protects hair during thermal styling 

    5. Helps repair split ends 

    6. Protects hair color 

    7. Gives hair shine 

    8. Eliminates effects of static electricity 

    9. Soothes irritated skin 

    10. Effective pre-color treatment 

    11. Lessens effects of chlorine 

    12. A perfect hair cutting lotion for salon stylists 

    An added bonus: it can be used to set makeup with a light mist and moisturizes skin for the closest shave